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12 models of platforms on tracks and 4 models of platforms on wheels, designed to have a reduced size, thus making them ideal for working in small spaces such as old town centers, indoor and residential areas, also thanks to the stabilizers with variable configuration and automatic leveling.

All models are equipped with a hydraulic drive with rubber tracks allowing them to easily work on uneven surfaces; despite the low centre of gravity for the most demanding client extending tracks are also available. Furthermore, all rubber tracks can be supplied in a non marking version for more delicate flooring or internal work.

Almost all models can be equipped with a radio control allowing a different use of the platform; the highly proportional movements and the speed that can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs make it a strong point.

The electric motor supplied as standard, the eco-friendly combustion engines (both petrol and diesel), the biodegradable oil and the batteries, make these platforms perfect also for working where air and noise pollution must be kept to a minimum.


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